Three Days of Global & Local Fashion in Turners Falls, MA
September 20-21-22, 2019


FAB 67, 2nd Street

PREMIER FASHION SHOW  9/21/19 - 6-9 pm

Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A

ReVAMP UPCYCLE FASHION SHOW  9/22/2019 - 3-5 pm 

Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A

FAB is excited to present Fashion Passion Fashion Week

The premier yearly fashion event in Turners Falls that is dedicated exclusively to the culture of high fashion.

What is Fashion Passion Fashion Week?

FPFW is a curated event for fashion creators and style mavens alike: we bring people together for everyone to enjoy

a diverse and fascinating range of fashion and eclectic style.

Who is Fashion Passion Fashion Week for?

FPFW is open to the fashion industry, the media and the public.

FPFW is for you if you are a new, emerging or established fashion designer or creative, accessory designer, fabric artist, artisan and fashion boutique:

it gives you a unique opportunity to present your collection and promote your brand to new audiences in New England.

FPFW is for you, whether you are a fashion professional, a fashion lover or just fashion curious.

Richie Richardson FAB
Great Falls Discovery Center
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