Premier Runway Show

Saturday, October 13,  2018 - 6-8:PM

47 J Street, Turners Falls, MA. 

FAB Fashion Passion is excited to present it's first annual event in Turners Falls to be dedicated exclusively to the culture of high fashion: we have created a new fashion experience in New England for designers and creatives to promote their brand and present their collections in a distinctive and well choreographed fashion presentation.

Our intention is to bring people together, emerging and established fashion creators and style mavens alike for a diverse and fascinating gala of eclectic style in a fabulous annual fashion event in downtown Turners Falls, open to the industry, the media and the public.

FAB Fashion Passion 2018 is a premier fashion show that brings both local and international fashion designers and fashion boutiques to a new audience at the heart of the Pioneer Valley. 

Selected Designers and Boutiques will own the catwalk in the magnificent setting of 'The Church' for a fabulous show curated by a team of fashion experts with great music and lighting. Models will showcase the unique creative styles of selected designers and boutiques on a spacious catwalk, under the creative direction and choreography of the renowned fashion impresario Richard Young in what promises to be a spectacular experience for the public.

We are casting  male & female models. Please contact us if you are interested.

Unifying the world through the culture of fashion


67 Second Street, Turners Falls, MA 01376



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